Still Spitting At 11

Still Spitting At 11

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Still Spitting At 11

4 Oct 2018 . 1 year old still spitting up, HELP! Sep 9, 2017 at 11:43 AM. KarsBlanePJ wrote: My son has always spit up, a lot! His doctor said it was GERD and would pass.

My 8 month old still spits up a bit. . My 9 month old also spits up still. . my dd is 11 months, well 11 months tom and she spits up only when.

I am 11 weeks pregnant and always seem to be spitting. . saliva than you normally do, and you may still have that matallic taste going on.

Are any of your LOs still spitting up? DS has always spit up quite a bit. He has started walking now so I assume most of the spit up would stop.

Q. I know it's typical for babies to spit up sometimes, but with my 6-week-old it happens all the time! She's still gaining weight, but is there some way to know if.
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